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Who is The Crafty Lady?

Painted Pet Portraits by
Penny Lee StewArt


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My crochet art and some hand painted ceramic tiles are now available at a shop called Hoopla Emporium in Altadena (shopathoopla.com). It's such a cool place! It's an opportunity for local artists in Altadena, California, to sell their wares. They liked my Frida, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Ballet Dancer, and lots of my Spirit Mandalas.

Happy Valentine's Day a little early.

Crochet Valentine Box of Chocolates (No Calorie)


Yesterday I painted 3 glossy 4x4 inch ceramic tiles with alcohol ink, and now I have to spray them (if the rain ever quits) and then add the backs so they can stand on their own or be hung on a wall. These may go into my Ebay store for awhile before they go to Hoopla. Robin, Sunflower and Pansies. Springtime?

Above: Tangled Tree Alcohol Ink on Canvas, SOLD

Below: Lion with Rainbow Mane - Acrylic - SOLD


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