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Who is The Crafty Lady?

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Penny Stewart, aka Penny Puppet,
presents "Little Rodney"
A life-size (he wears a child's size 6) ventriloquist figure.
.Ventriloquist Puppet

Little Rodney (a vent dummy/puppet) was made in the 1970's. His head mold was modeled by Virginia Curtis, the same woman who modeled the original Mortimer Snerd head for the famous ventriloquist, Edgar Bergan (who, by the way, was also the father of Candace Bergan, i.e. Murphy Brown.)

Rodney's eyes move from side to side, and his head turns. The actual figure was created by Rene Zendejas of Los Angeles, California. I bought him "naked," then dressed him and gave him his personality.

As a professional ventriloquist, aka Penny Puppet, I traveled with many puppets, including vent dummies, hand puppets, and marionettes, for several years, touring with National School Assemblies and doing birthday parties and group shows.

Little Rodney now lives in South Carolina with a collector of puppet memorabilia.

Ventriloquist Figure


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